In celebration of International Women's Month, Edelman Smithfield convened a panel discussion on the challenges women face in the workplace and, more importantly, their optimism for the future of the next generation of financial communicators. The panel featured five outstanding Edelman Smithfield leaders:  

  • Nina Godard, Senior Vice President, Canada
  • Regina Carapeto, Financial Communications Lead for Latin America
  • Lisa Leiter, Managing Director, Co-Lead, U.S. Financial Service
  • Deidre Campbell, Managing Director, U.S.
  • Radina Russell, Managing Director & General Manager, Atlanta Southeast Market

At Edelman Smithfield, we are lucky to have leaders who have created a space to connect, learn, and be inspired by one another. Thanks to our panelists for sharing their personal journeys and insights into leadership with us – check out five of the best takeaways from the panel:

  1. On building confidence: 
    ‘It’s about being okay with being uncomfortable,’ Nina tells us. ‘I will put people in uncomfortable situations, ask them to speak up on calls, tell them to do certain things that they wouldn’t normally do which allows them to feel trusted and grow their own confidence. We also must recognize that this stuff takes time and that's okay’.
  2. On the importance of mentors: 
    ‘Find someone that you can inspire, that you can be inspired by, and then you can exchange the challenges you face, and encourage each other’. Regina’s advice, ‘Look for them [mentors] and keep them in your in your life for a long time’.
  3. On building your professional brand: 
    ‘Know your superpower,’ Lisa shares. ‘You might not know it early in your career, but you may develop it over time. Harness that superpower, articulate it. Let people know that this is what you’re good at, and what you really enjoy’.
  4. On being thoughtful about how you show up: 
    ‘It’s important to take the time to be thoughtful about how you want to show up’. Deidre’s advice, ‘I think a good way of establishing a mindset around how you want to show up is to find leaders that you admire, look, and analyze what you admire about that leader, and then study that person. Figure out what you admire about them and work that into your own style’.
  5. On advocating for the next generation: 
    ‘As much as you are advocating for yourself, never forget the people who were who are coming behind you. Give them the steps that you've taken, whatever you can do to help them get to where you are’. Radina tells us, ‘You always want to train your replacement. You want to help people come up to get to where you are. That's going to teach you how to become a leader and going to help you become a better manager’.